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Outerzone is a listing of free vintage and old-timer flying model aircraft plans to download. The listing is free for everyone - you don't need to register or log in to download these plans.

You can view model plans by category tag (like say free flight, control line, radio control, scale, rubber, etc...) using the browse plans pages. Use the list all page for a full A-Z text listing. There is a simple keyword search on the search page (also above). We have an advanced search page for extra fun. There is also an experimental area called the TagMatrix where you view all the plans that match your own chosen combination of tags (and wingspan and year of origin).

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Outerzone was designed to be maintained and updated by volunteers called Site admins who get involved but (perhaps predictably) it hasn't ever really worked out that way. So with the exception of a few good people who have helped out here in the past (see below) at the moment it's essentially just me. See the FAQ page for more details on how this site works, and why.

Outerzone is also (I hope) a secure repository for vintage model aircraft plans that may have historical significance.


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Outerzone Contributor Roll of Honour

I want to list the names here of some people who have helped out directly with Outerzone:

aeromeddler, bobfripp, chukychez, derickscott, dfritzke, erikjohnson, flyerflorio, haydon55, hogal, hkarlson, jj, johnosullivan, keven64, lincoln, mikenelson, mikestuart, mjh, monique, mooney_driver, patrickurbain, stickman, stormin, theshadow, vintage1, vloustalot

Did I miss your name? Then I'm sorry. Let me know.

As far as scanning and posting plans on the RCGroups thread, there are just too many names to mention them all.. but here are a few:

30560, 50+airyears, algy2, avernon, bobkeller, bjrn, cougdave, daddyrabbit1954, danito69, dplumpe, geew, generock, gthunter, haydon55, hlsat, irish_lord99, jmp_blackfoot, jpm, ka-6br, kenny_e, locktite401, modelholic, nibor, orange&white, pd1, perttime, planeman, ralphb, ratracer, rchopper56, rfj, scaleviews, spockangel, srfalcon, starcad, tri-pacer, wtool



Click here to see VinPlanDex - the online index of RCGroups vintage plans thread 1265873. Complete with search facility.

What is the difference between Outerzone and VinPlanDex? Well...

VinPlanDex is is an exhaustive and complete index of every plan that has ever been posted on the Vintage & Old-Timer Plans thread.

In comparison Outerzone is a slightly random collection of plans in PDF format. Outerzone does not include all the plans posted on the Vintage & Old-Timer Plans thread. At a guess, only about 80%. Some plans on here are not from that thread. Also, some are direct submissions.

That link again: VinPlanDex


Hurricane - Random photo - 1363 Douglas Dolphin - Random plan - 5604
Douglas O46A - Latest plan - 6136 Garami Biplane - Random photo - 859

Latest 50 plans added to the listing:

Douglas O46A - JD McHard - 34in Scale IC F/F
Se5a - Jim Meister - 42in Scale IC R/C
Medusa - Joe Beshar - 36in F/F
Junkers Ju-88 - Jerry L Holcomb - 46in Scale IC...
Curtiss XF13C-1 - 20in Scale Rubber F/F
Northern Eagle - David Gierke - 58in IC R/C
Northrop Pursuit - 15in Scale Rubber F/F
F-18 Electric - Edi Stahlie - 33in Scale...
Dallaire Texaco - C Griffiths - 48in
Bizzy Bee - Albert Y Oda - 27in IC R/C
Super Quaker - 78in IC F/F
Rocky the Bostonian Squirrel - Pres Bruning -...
Whimpy - Roger Tennyson - 66in IC R/C
Ultimate Kaos 60 - Joe Bridi - 63in
Waco Model D Military - 20in Scale Rubber F/F
Korrf Senior Professor - 83in IC F/F
Pusher - Ed Lidgard - 14in Rubber F/F
Curtiss R-6 - Frank W Beatty - 24in Scale IC...
Pushy Cat - Stan Mitchell - 49in IC R/C
Hornet - 25in Rubber F/F
Super Chopper - R Gordon - 33in IC C/L
Half n Half - Jack Sammarco, Frank DeCicco -...
Messerschmitt bf-109E - MN Isermann - 24in...
Pay Up - Richard Sladek - 46in IC F/F
Liberty Sport - Dick Graham - 57in IC R/C
SR-71 Blackbird - Parker Leung - 38in Scale IC...
Tipsy S - 15in Scale Rubber F/F
Mustang - 27in Scale Rubber F/F
Oriole Junior - Unknown - 28in Rubber F/F
Bonzo - Paul Plecan - 24in Scale IC C/L
Waco CG-4A Glider - Stu Richmond - 63in Scale...
Aeronca Seaplane - 16in Scale Rubber F/F
290 Special - Dale Kirn - 18in IC C/L
Lanzet - 36in IC R/C
Curtiss Hawk P6E - Dick Barron - 95in Scale IC...
Phoenix - Frank Ehling - 50in IC F/F
Blackhawk - Harold E Coovert - 72in IC F/F
Art Chester's Jeep - John A De Vries - 62in...
Dallaire Sportster - Frank Dallaire - 109in IC...
Digester - Don Mathis - 72in IC R/C
Aeromistress - Larry Margolin - 54in IC R/C
FAI Peanut - Bill Hannan - 13in Rubber F/F
Chihuahua - David D Grant - 40in IC F/F
Witch Craft - Frank Scott - 21in IC C/L
Puss Moth - Chester Lanzo - 51in Scale Rubber...
Avion Pour Moteur a Essence - G Sablier - 78in...
Ladybird Mk2 - Brian Shaw - 59in Glider R/C
Electric PT-19 - Walt Mitchell - 58in Scale IC...
Sorcerer - Pete Cameron - 28in IC C/L
Sniffer - RG Schmitt, Gene Rock - 30in IC F/F

Or see here the latest 75 plan thumbnails added.


User Comments
- latest entries:

This plan is listed as 'formers incomplete'. It is not complete.
SteveWMD : Spitfire : 23/11/2014

Is this plan complete? Lots of buildingdetails but i miss the drawings of the wingribs and stabiloribs. Or, are in this plan the building instuctions of the other plan of George Harris, and make both plans (spitfire and Spitfire IX) the...
ThieuTrum : Spitfire : 23/11/2014

Hi Steve, Here are some pictures of the Sporty Forty [see more pics 004-008]. The first picture of the plane (with me aged 41) was taken in 1980. It lasted about 30 years, but became so oily that I decided to build a new one using the...
LambertOosting : Sporty Forty : 22/11/2014

hi steve, found a date from the plan, was issued RCM 1-69.
Achim : General Aircraft Skylark : 22/11/2014

Hi Steve, Here is a photo of my Tumbletot built from your plans and converted to R/C electrics [see more pics 003]. Flew OK, nothing spectacular. Probably too heavy for R/C in this size but I'd guess it would be fine at 150% (36" span) or...
Bill : Tumbletot : 22/11/2014

I built a Sennapod in 1964. I was amazed at how well such an apparently crude aerodynamic aerofoil performed and want to build another one. I built a second one with a smoother, more conventional curved aerofoil and 1/16 sheeted wings...
HughAllen : Sennapod : 22/11/2014

Hi Steve... my Stormbird pics... Cordiales Saludos,
AndresBuljevicL : Stormbird : 18/11/2014

Thanks to Joost for the pics of his completed Scrappy Gas Job model.
SteveWMD : Scrappy Gas Job : 18/11/2014

Hi Steve,an other photo for the outer zone, the Veron Cirro Sonic [see more pics]. regards,
Joost : Cirro-sonic : 18/11/2014

Hi, Steve. I was surprised to see 'Macís Robot' featured on your site. Way back in 1973, a couple of us kids (we were about twelve years old at the time) were given a Robot by an older modeler, who had built the model in 1953. The...
Moeregaard : Macs Robot : 17/11/2014

Hi, maybe I'm missing it on the plan, but I can't seem to find the CG reference point. Any ideas or suggestions?
khg_rap : Cavalier 60 : 17/11/2014

Steve, Here are some pictures of my Micro Vagabond (Bryce Peterson) [see more pics 004, 005]. I started with a Cox PeeWee 020 RC but soon enough I put in an outrunner. It is not a stellar flyer. I built it from full size plans that I...
dfritzke : Micro Vagabond : 10/11/2014

...more comments



Updates - latest changes/news:

23/11/2014 : PlanID=3037 : Delta Diamond by Ed Erfurth : Doh. Replaced this with correct planfile now.

22/11/2014 : PlanID=1733 : Chatterbox by Vic Smeed from Aeromodeller : Added supplement version of this plan in PDFvector format, thanks to hogal.

22/11/2014 : PlanID=175 : Winnie Mae from Comet : Added printwood scan, thanks to Tom.

21/11/2014 : PlanID=519 : Jolly Roger by Larry Scarinzi : Replaced with correct planfile now.

21/11/2014 : PlanID=6126 : Super Quaker from Megow : Doh. Replaced this with correct planfile, now.

21/11/2014 : General News : Nice to wake up in the morning and find the website is still up and running. Here's hoping the new hosting continues in this uncommonly reliable fashion. Touchwood.

20/11/2014 : General News : Ok, Outerzone is back online now, after some very bad days of complete downtime. Site has been transferred across to a new hosting company, and everything should (yeah, really) be working ok now, maybe even a tiny bit faster. We can all wait and see how the next few days pan out, but frankly it coudn't be much worse than the last few. Fingers crossed. Oh, if you come across something I broke, or something I missed, email me. Thanks, Steve.

20/11/2014 : General News : IPS tag changed. Ok this home page is now hosted from new server - Yay! Starting to copy files across. This will take (at least) a few hours. Plus I haven't set up the database over here yet. Bear with me.

16/11/2014 : PlanID=6112 : Liberty Sport by Dick Graham from Sig : Added supplement file inc (low res) page 2, thanks to JPM.

16/11/2014 : PlanID=6111 : SR-71 Blackbird by Parker Leung from RCMplans : Doh. Replaced plan with correct file, now.

15/11/2014 : PlanID=5644 : Powerhouse by Sal Taibi from Model Airplane News : Replaced this plan with a full size version, thanks to JJ.

15/11/2014 : PlanID=4201 : 1938 Cub Sport by Joe Ott : Replaced this plan with a clearer copy thanks to Swarthog.

15/11/2014 : PlanID=485 : Snoopy by Ted Strader from Model Airplane News : Re-scaled this plan up to full size.

15/11/2014 : PlanID=155 : Red Racer Demon of Speed from Comet : Replaced this plan with a much clearer copy, thanks to Planeman.

10/11/2014 : PlanID=740 : Vought Corsair F4U-1 from Comet : Added alternate printwood scan, 3 sheets complete, thanks to pd1.

08/11/2014 : PlanID=2017 : P-51D by Frank Baker from RCMplans : Replaced this plan with a clearer scan, thanks to MJB.