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Outerzone is a collection of old model airplane plans. Thousands, online, tagged and easily searched. The plans are all free to download. You don't need to register or log in. These free vintage, old-timer flying model aircraft plans are mostly in PDF format. So let's go; download, print, start building!

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Latest Plans Added 12 most recent plan thumbnails

Velox - 6905Velox
44in span
Plan Details
Boeing Stearman - 6904Boeing Stearman
Scale IC R/C
0in span
Plan Details
Sabik MK 50 - 6903Sabik MK 50
48in span
Plan Details
Strato Streak 68 - 6902Strato Streak 68
57in span
Plan Details
Bi-Playne - 6901Bi-Playne
28in span
Plan Details
Loening C-2 Air Yacht - 6900Loening C-2 Air Yacht
Scale Rubber F/F
49in span
Plan Details
Gwinn Aircar - 6899Gwinn Aircar
Scale Rubber F/F
19in span
Plan Details
Nakajima Type III A1N2 - 6898Nakajima Type III A1N2
Scale Rubber F/F
16in span
Plan Details
Little Cirrus - 6897Little Cirrus
Scale Glider R/C
60in span
Plan Details
Sky Mite - 6895Sky Mite
52in span
Plan Details
Fairey Swordfish - 6894Fairey Swordfish
Scale Rubber F/F
34in span
Plan Details
Berliner Joyce OJ-2 - 6893Berliner Joyce OJ-2
Scale Rubber F/F
25in span
Plan Details


Latest Comments

What a shame there are no sheet details for the fuselage sections and wing ribs etc.
cde : Boulton Paul Defiant : 30/07/2015

I downloaded this plan to convert and build a profile control line entry for the 2015 Cox Reed Speed Event. I shrunk the plans to build a plane with a 15in wingspan and powered with a Cox .020 engine. I can send pictures if you would...
JimCarter : Rivets : 29/07/2015

Looks like you're right.
SteveWMD : Wee Will Jr : 29/07/2015

Wing chord on plan does not match side elevation of fuselage?
anon : Wee Will Jr : 29/07/2015

Im sending to you too a pic [see more pics 005] from a Manicaca 1 built by the own Sérgio Daeuble to compete in a club metting racing with a CB 25, a great brazilian engine, now out of production. The event is called 'Corrida Maluca' or...
Carlo : Manicaca I : 23/07/2015

Hi Steve, This model became a kit by 'Consolidated Model Engineering' Art Hasselbach, owner of this firm opened a contest to find a name for this model. The chosen name was 'Trident' and the kit carried this name. Just some additional...
Eduardo : 570 : 22/07/2015

Hi Ricardo, I used the wingtips on the plan for the first few Jonny's I built At about Jonny 3 I went for flat 90 degree tips. I used 10mm balsa for the tip ribs and sanded them to rounder edges. Two things came out of this...
Bryan : Jonny : 19/07/2015

I'm probably one of the few old timers who knows where the name came from. Galloping Comedians was a popular song back in the Day when Red Reinhart designed his model. I remember hearing it on the radio used as bumper music for one of...
DougSmith : Galloping Comedian : 19/07/2015

Hi Steve, I saw the above named file you posted on RCG this morning and it looked like an interesting small project... To the point... loaded them into my CAD program thinking it was going to be an easy go to clean it up. Well, it turned...
Don : F-111 : 19/07/2015

Very cool belt & pulley rubber drive! Does anyone know if this actually works?
Pete : Boeing 247 : 18/07/2015

...more comments


Latest Site Updates

29/07/2015 : PlanID=2928 : Wee Will Jr by Walt Mooney : Have replaced this plan with a 'corrected' version, thanks to anon. Wing chord on plan is now stretched, see note on plan. With apologies to Walt.

28/07/2015 : PlanID=2405 : Phony Tony by AC Brown from Aeromodeller : Replaced this plan with a clearer copy (patterned background removed) thanks to TonyP.

28/07/2015 : PlanID=293 : President by Albert E Hatfull from Aeromodeller : Replaced this plan with a clearer copy (patterned background removed) thanks to TonyP.

24/07/2015 : PlanID=2752 : Curtiss Y1A-18 by H Weiss from Flying Aces : Replaced this plan with a clearer copy on a single sheet, thanks to AllenHunt, AugustaWest.

24/07/2015 : PlanID=1801 : Swallow by GD Miles from Aeromodeller : Replaced this plan with a clearer copy (patterned background removed) thanks to TonyP.

24/07/2015 : PlanID=1671 : Brandenburg Sea Monoplane by A Warden from Model Aircraft : Replaced this plan with a clearer copy (patterned background removed) thanks to TonyP.

19/07/2015 : PlanID=4790 : F-111 by Roy Clough from Popular Science : Replaced this plan with a clearer copy (single sheet, stitched) thanks to Circlip.

18/07/2015 : PlanID=5880 : Denight Special by Joe Martin from RCMplans : Replaced this plan with a clearer copy, thanks to pd1, JohnAV8R.

16/07/2015 : PlanID=4414 : Flying Fool from Sterling : Replaced this plan with a more detailed version which includes hand traced formers, thanks to GeorgeAlbo. Also, decals.

10/07/2015 : PlanID=1415 : Curtiss P-40C by Doug McHard from Flying Scale Models of WWII : Replaced this plan with a corrected version, thanks to StuartBurling.


Latest Plans text listing

Velox - 44in IC F/F
Boeing Stearman Scale IC R/C
Sabik MK 50 - James Simpson - 48in IC R/C
Strato Streak 68 - Frank Heeb - 57in IC F/F
Bi-Playne - George Woolls - 28in IC F/F
Loening C-2 Air Yacht - Thomas L Bulger - 49in...
Gwinn Aircar - Pres Bruning - 19in Scale Rubber...
Nakajima Type III A1N2 - Nate Sturman - 16in...
Little Cirrus - Kevin Flynn - 60in Scale Glider...
Sky Mite - Jerry Hibbard - 52in IC R/C
Fairey Swordfish - Bill Galloway - 34in Scale...
Berliner Joyce OJ-2 - Bill Galloway - 25in...
Curtiss Army Hawk - 24in Scale Rubber F/F
Nimrod - CT Buffery - 30in IC F/F
Miles Hawk Major - 17in Scale Rubber F/F
Wakefield Trophy Model - Albert Judge - 45in...
Boulton Paul Defiant - 20in Scale Rubber F/F
Wicko Wizard - LS Wigdor - 14in Scale Rubber...
Kirby Cadet - B Cosgrove - 38in Scale Glider...
Bleriot - Unknown - 32in Scale Rubber F/F
Aero-Wasp - 24in Glider F/F
Chimp - 22in IC C/L
Boeing 247 - 23in Scale Rubber F/F
Sleek Streak - Peter Holland - 30in IC R/C
Boeing P-12F - 16in Scale Rubber F/F
Curtiss Swift - 16in Scale Rubber F/F
Manicaca II - 35in IC C/L
Manicaca I - 32in IC C/L
Mig 15 - Asao Takeno, Sergio A Daeuble - 37in...
Buccaneer - Allen Brickhaus - 55in IC C/L
Shoestring Stunter - Carl Goldberg - 42in IC...
Gnome 2M - John Lupperger - 78in Glider R/C
Sopwith Pup - S Cal Smith - 53in Scale IC R/C
Champion Citabria - Bob Andris - 66in Scale IC...
Piper Vagabond - Bryce Petersen - 51in Scale IC...
Quicky 500 - Glen Spickler - 51in IC R/C
Dominette - 28in Glider F/F
Airflow 40 - 40in Rubber F/F
Kiwi - 42in Glider F/F
Aquarius - 73in Glider F/F
Farman Moustique I - JF Frugoli - 8in Scale...
Laird Solution - Dick Struhl - 27in Scale IC...
Tensilon - Duane Gall - 51in IC R/C
Ventura - 42in Glider F/F
Combateer - Phil Smith - 38in IC C/L
Rearwin Cloudster - 28in Scale Rubber F/F
Boeing 247 - 24in Scale Rubber F/F
Ballistic - Roger M Reese - 30in IC C/L
Sopwith Camel - Frank Ehling - 36in Scale IC...
Mini Peacemaker - Ian Peacock - 28in IC C/L

About Outerzone

Outerzone is a listing of free vintage and old-timer flying model aircraft plans to download. The listing is free for everyone - you don't need to register or log in to download these plans.

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Outerzone is also (I hope) a secure repository for vintage model aircraft plans that may have historical significance.

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