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Total plans: 7,735

5 Years of Outerzone!

Happy birthday to us! Since March 2011, we've been collecting and sharing free vintage and old-timer plans through the Outerzone website. Thanks to you, there are now over 7,000 plans here for free download. We think that's pretty good going. Three cheers for all of us!

It's always great to see pictures of beautiful models built from these plans. When we started Outerzone we never expected you would all send us photos. But you do. We have hundreds! To celebrate our birthday, we put together a Gallery of just some of the photos you've shared with us over the last 5 years.

Thank you for making Outerzone what it is. Happy birthday everyone.

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RCLibrary - Free books

Visit our sister site for free vintage books, magazines and catalogues. It's basically Outerzone, but for whole books. Latest 3 titles added:

RCM 1970/04 April  - click to view RCLibrary page Profile Publications No. 3: Focke-Wulf Fw 190A  - click to view RCLibrary page Model Builder 1971/12 December  - click to view RCLibrary page


Photo Gallery

This is a random selection of just 4 of the photos you sent us. Click here to see the full Gallery

Latest Plans Added 12 most recent plan thumbnails

Firefly - 8069Firefly
52in span
Plan Details
Puddle Jumper - 8068Puddle Jumper
Rubber F/F
13in span
Plan Details
Mini Smog Hog - 8067Mini Smog Hog
56in span
Plan Details
Easy Eagle - 8066Easy Eagle
Glider R/C
78in span
Plan Details
Duo-Flex - 8065Duo-Flex
IC Glider R/C
79in span
Plan Details
Cessna Skyhawk - 8064Cessna Skyhawk
Scale IC R/C
54in span
Plan Details
Invader - 8063Invader
IC Glider R/C
74in span
Plan Details
Mock 15 - 8062Mock 15
39in span
Plan Details
Cessna 150 - 8061Cessna 150
Scale Rubber F/F
21in span
Plan Details
Piper Twin Comanche - 8060Piper Twin Comanche
Scale IC R/C
74in span
Plan Details
Tiger Moth Electric - 8059Tiger Moth Electric
Scale Electric R/C
48in span
Plan Details
Sky Bait  - 8058Sky Bait
47in span
Plan Details


Latest Comments

Hi Steve, I found these photos of my Vespa [more pics 004-009]. The old fuzz is me!! Hope you can publish them with the other Vespa photos you show.Best wishes!!
Eduardo : Vespa : 26/09/2016

Eric Clutton's famous Sharkface is a classic. Designed as a single channel model for an 049 glow motor, with modern equipment it makes an excellent rudder/elevator/throttle electric powered model, my version was built over a period of 30...
Sundancer : Sharkface : 26/09/2016

Ali finally managed to get some flying shots of the Size 9, a couple herewith [more pics 007, 008]. Looks like something from Star Trek in the air, but handles perfectly well now.
Sundancer : Size 9 : 26/09/2016

I built this model back in 1976 as a free flight model with the auto rudder and bungee launched it. It flies superbly straight off the drawing board and looks terrific.
Keir : Breguet 901 : 25/09/2016

Bill Evans died in 1982 and would be absolutely amazed that his model plane designs are available from a thing called the Internet. I have learned more about his life from others and the Internet than from him. He never spoke about...
kerrif : Super Champeen : 24/09/2016

I test flew one of these years ago, built by Bob Hamilton, it was beautiful. We took it to the acres of concrete on the ramp outside the Talladega racetrack, room to land anywhere we wanted. Powered by two K&B 40's, it had gobs of power,...
DougSmith : Piper Twin Comanche : 24/09/2016

Hi Steve,Here is a picture of my third Live Wire Trainer [more pics 003]. It started with the first in 1958. This one was built from scratch in 1982 and has the original covering. Mills 1.3 and Galloping Ghost radio. Thanks for the archive.
JimHales : Live Wire Trainer : 23/09/2016

Morning Mary and Steve, I am building the KK Hurricane, and just reached the point of putting the stringers on the fuselage formers. A bit confusing without a second plan to look at, as the plan detail is covered over with balsa wood, so...
MalcolmJ : Hurricane : 23/09/2016

Great new photos shared with us by Bernd [more pics 005, 006].
Mary : Das Box Fly 20L : 23/09/2016

Hi Mary, Attached are a couple of pictures of the Bowden in flight, as you requested a couple of weeks ago [more pics 009, 010]. This is the same plane that is in the earlier pictures, but when I converted it to electric motor, I also...
TerryBrown : Bowden Contest : 23/09/2016

Just wondered if you could use a picture to give scale [more pics 007].Fantastic site, thank you so much!
Charles : Aquila : 23/09/2016

Hi Steve, Due to increased Government intrusion into the RC Hobby here in America, I've taken up building rubber powered, stick & tissue planes. Again, thanks to your web site, there is no shortage of plans to draw from. I've attached a...
PaulS : Consul : 23/09/2016

...more comments


Latest Site Updates

26/09/2016 : PlanID=6220 : Big Bird Too by Dick Tichenor from RCMplans : Article pages, text & pics added, thanks to RFJ.

26/09/2016 : PlanID=5136 : Aquila by Lee Renaud from Airtronics, RCMplans : Article pages, text & pics added, thanks to RFJ.

26/09/2016 : PlanID=4348 : Staaken Z-1 Flitzer by David Boddington from AMI : Complete article added, thanks to RFJ.

23/09/2016 : PlanID=8055 : Oily Bird 6 by Bob Moore, Buddy Brammer from Model Airplane News : Article pages, text & pics added, thanks to RFJ.

21/09/2016 : PlanID=1514 : Bonzo by Vic Harden from Model Airplane News : Complete article added, thanks to RFJ.

21/09/2016 : PlanID=6489 : Wildfire by George Harris from RCMplans : Article pages, text & pics added, thanks to RFJ.

21/09/2016 : PlanID=3946 : Sun Fli 4 by Joe Bridi from RCMplans : Article pages, text & pics added, thanks to RFJ.

21/09/2016 : PlanID=2489 : Faultless Chick by Jack Luck from Model Airplane News : Added original MAN article page, text & pics; also Spanish translation from Argentinian magazine, Aeromodelismo, thanks to alcalaino.

21/09/2016 : PlanID=1082 : Lulu II by J Barker from Aeromodeller : Added original Aeromodeller article page, text & pic; also Spanish translation from Argentinian magazine, Aeromodelismo, thanks to alcalaino.

20/09/2016 : PlanID=8004 : Vagabond by Bill Winter from Model Aviation Planbook : Added a PDFvector format (CAD-redrawn) supplement version of the plan, thanks to rchopper56.

20/09/2016 : PlanID=4999 : Rimfire by Jan Sakert from RCMplans : Article pages, text & pics added, thanks to RFJ.

20/09/2016 : PlanID=5927 : Douglas XTB2D-1 Skypirate by Claude McCullough from RCMplans : Article pages, text & pics added, thanks to RFJ.

20/09/2016 : PlanID=6580 : Nieuport 11 by Bryce Peterson from RCMplans : Replaced this plan with a clearer copy (fixed central band) thanks to davidterrell80.

18/09/2016 : PlanID=7958 : Professor by Chuck Cunningham from RCMplans : Replaced this plan with a clearer copy thanks to davidterrell80, Circlip.

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Latest Plans text listing

Firefly - George Harris - 52in IC R/C
Puddle Jumper - Rob Benson - 13in Rubber F/F
Mini Smog Hog - Keith Donaldson - 56in IC R/C
Easy Eagle - Harley Michaelis - 78in Glider R/C
Duo-Flex - Harley Michaelis - 79in IC Glider...
Cessna Skyhawk - R Jess Kresier - 54in Scale IC...
Invader - Gene Rogers - 74in IC Glider R/C
Mock 15 - Loren Dietrich - 39in IC R/C
Cessna 150 - 21in Scale Rubber F/F
Piper Twin Comanche - Joe Bridi - 74in Scale IC...
Tiger Moth Electric - Farooq Ahmad - 48in Scale...
Sky Bait - Charles H Grant - 47in IC F/F
Musketeer - Jim Davis - 24in IC C/L
Tarman - Max Blose - 66in IC R/C
Oily Bird 6 - Bob Moore, Buddy Brammer - 56in...
Researcher 7 - Ralph Sawyer - 48in IC R/C
Speedmark - Irwin Ohlsson - 60in IC F/F
Schoolgirl - Ken Willard - 32in IC R/C
Super Whiz Kid - Owen Kampen - 44in IC R/C
Aeromodelo Para Instruccion - 32in Glider F/F
Phantom - Earl Witte - 50in IC R/C
Pilatus Porter - Joachim Fuchs - 60in Scale IC
Spitfire Sport - Paul Bennett - 64in IC R/C
Excalibur - Will Dawson - 37in IC R/C
EAIB 6 - C Zanetti - 67in Glider F/F
Pitcairn Mailwing - Frank W. Beatty - 39in...
Profile Porter - Bruce Pailet - 19in Rubber F/F
New Era I - Chuch Cunningham, Don Dewey - 44in...
Skeeter - Lloyd Nicholson - 66in IC R/C
Piper Apache - Bill Norment - 58in Scale IC C/L
DeHavilland Tiger Moth - Dom Prentice - 68in...
Pinata - Ray Vandewalker - 56in IC R/C
Grumman Avenger TBF-1 - Joel Cimmino - 66in...
Seafoam - Ken Willard - 44in IC R/C
Eagle Mk II - Giancarlo Genta - 62in IC R/C
Leading Edge - Bill Evans - 50in IC R/C
Skybaby - Dave Greenfield - 39in IC Glider R/C
El Cochino - Bob Morse - 57in IC R/C
Emanon - Tom Lauermann - 31in IC C/L
Stratus - Maxey Hester - 70in IC R/C
G5S-5 T'TSE 2C - Jim Stevens - 78in Glider R/C
Ol Bluenose - Clive Smalley - 66in IC R/C
Duke - Marcel Engelbert - 66in IC R/C
Box Bipe II - James Kerchum - 36in IC R/C
Curare 20 - Hanno Prettner - 43in IC R/C
Clown - Dick Tichenor - 46in IC R/C
Avenger 35 - Don Schultz - 59in IC C/L
Miss Philadelphia - Randy Wrisley - 72in IC...
Thunderbird 40 - M Kato - 57in IC R/C
Mufti - 54in IC R/C

...more plans



About Outerzone

Outerzone is a listing of free vintage and old-timer flying model aircraft plans to download. The listing is free for everyone - you don't need to register or log in to download these plans.

You can view model plans by category tag (like say free flight, control line, radio control, scale, rubber, etc...) using the browse plans pages. Use the list all page for a full A-Z text listing. There is a keyword search on the search page, or you can try the advanced search page for more detailed searches. There is also an experimental area called the TagMatrix where you can view all the plans that match your own chosen combination of tags (and wingspan and year of origin).

For a quick visual fix, you can page through the latest plan thumbnails added or the latest model pics added, at 60 pics per page.

Outerzone was designed to be maintained and updated by volunteers called Site admins who get involved but (perhaps predictably) it hasn't ever really worked out that way. So with the exception of a few good people who have helped out here in the past (see below) at the moment it's essentially just me. See the FAQ page for more details on how this site works, and why.

Outerzone is also (I hope) a secure repository for vintage model aircraft plans that may have historical significance.

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Launched in September 2015, RCLibrary is the new sister site to Outerzone. A small but fast-growing collection of old-time modeller books and periodicals, held online as PDF files for free download. Everything is free. The library is open to everyone - you don't need to register or log in before you start downloading these titles. There are no charges or subscriptions. Basically, it's Outerzone for books.

That link again:



Click here to visit VinPlanDex - the online index of RCGroups vintage plans thread 1265873. Complete with search facility.

What is the difference between Outerzone and VinPlanDex? Well...

VinPlanDex is is an exhaustive and complete index of every plan that has ever been posted on the Vintage & Old-Timer Plans thread.

In comparison Outerzone is a slightly random collection of plans in PDF format. Outerzone does not include all the plans posted on the Vintage & Old-Timer Plans thread. At a guess, only about 80%. Some plans on here are not from that thread. Also, some are direct submissions.

That link again: VinPlanDex