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Outerzone is a listing of free vintage and old-timer flying model aircraft plans to download. The listing is free for everyone - you don't need to register or log in to download these plans.

You can view model plans by category tag (like say free flight, control line, radio control, scale, rubber, etc...) using the browse plans pages. Use the list all page for a full A-Z text listing. There is a simple keyword search on the search page (also above). We have an advanced search page for extra fun. There is also an experimental area called the TagMatrix where you view all the plans that match your own chosen combination of tags (and wingspan and year of origin).

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Outerzone was designed to be maintained and updated by volunteers called Site admins who get involved but (perhaps predictably) it hasn't ever really worked out that way. So with the exception of a few good people who have helped out here in the past (see below) at the moment it's essentially just me. See the FAQ page for more details on how this site works, and why.

Outerzone is also (I hope) a secure repository for vintage model aircraft plans that may have historical significance.


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I want to list the names here of some people who have helped out directly with Outerzone:

aeromeddler, bernd57, bobfripp, chukychez, derickscott, dfritzke, erikjohnson, flyerflorio, haydon55, hogal, hkarlson, jj, johnosullivan, keven64, lincoln, mikenelson, mikestuart, mjh, monique, mooney_driver, patrickurbain, pit, stickman, stormin, theshadow, vintage1, vloustalot

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30560, 50+airyears, algy2, avernon, bobkeller, bjrn, cougdave, daddyrabbit1954, danito69, dplumpe, geew, generock, gthunter, haydon55, hlsat, irish_lord99, jmp_blackfoot, jpm, ka-6br, kenny_e, locktite401, modelholic, nibor, orange&white, pd1, perttime, planeman, ralphb, ratracer, rchopper56, rfj, scaleviews, spockangel, srfalcon, starcad, tri-pacer, wtool



Click here to see VinPlanDex - the online index of RCGroups vintage plans thread 1265873. Complete with search facility.

What is the difference between Outerzone and VinPlanDex? Well...

VinPlanDex is is an exhaustive and complete index of every plan that has ever been posted on the Vintage & Old-Timer Plans thread.

In comparison Outerzone is a slightly random collection of plans in PDF format. Outerzone does not include all the plans posted on the Vintage & Old-Timer Plans thread. At a guess, only about 80%. Some plans on here are not from that thread. Also, some are direct submissions.

That link again: VinPlanDex


Stinson Reliant SR-7 - Random photo - 978 All Australian Mk2 - Random plan - 5616
Barling NB-3 - Latest plan - 6475 Security Sport - Random photo - 471

Latest 50 plans added to the listing:

Barling NB-3 - Hurst Bowers - 33in
Phoenician - Claire Sieverling - 56in IC C/L
Westwind - 24in Rubber F/F
California Bambino - Frank Greene - 28in IC F/F
Druine Turbulent - Gordon Whitehead - 48in...
Skyrocket - Leon Shulman - 36in IC F/F
Skyrocket Super-A - Bill Effinger - 36in IC F/F
Electron - Bill Winter - 66in IC R/C
MI Acrobat - James Noonan - 34in IC C/L
Grumman Ag Cat - Paul Palanek - 34in IC C/L
RCM Trainer Jr - Joe Bridi - 52in IC R/C
Twin Star 15 - Mike Sherrod - 62in IC R/C
Dyna-Moe - Wally Simmers - 34in Rubber F/F
Skyfarer - WL Schroder - 40in Scale IC Rubber...
Laser 200 - Terry Moore - 72in Scale IC R/C
Gay Devil - Larry Scarinzi - 43in IC C/L
Excalibur - Dick Mathis - 52in IC C/L
Electra X-35 - Jerry L Worth - 55in IC C/L
Flyette - Bill Dean - 37in IC C/L
Funster 20 - Dick Tichenor - 60in IC R/C
Peacemaker - George Aldrich - 46in IC C/L
Hawker Fury - TR Kennedy - 15in Scale Rubber...
Happy Face - Errol Williams - 85in Glider R/C
Silent Squire - Bill Evans - 60in Glider R/C
PT-19 Stunter - Dave Hemstrought - 56in IC C/L
Beechcraft - Jack Sheeks - 55in IC C/L
Rayette - Robert C Gialdini - 55in IC C/L
Fifteen - Alec Burns - 54in IC F/F
Tequila Sunrise - Peter Miller - 34in IC R/C
PD Parasol - Johnny Johnson - 60in IC R/C
Bobcat - Disk Tichenor - 54in Scale IC R/C
Spitfire - Jack Sheeks - 50in IC C/L
Mustunt - Al Rabe - 50in IC C/L
Gyrator - H Williamson - 42in IC C/L
All-American Eagle - Dave Gierke - 56in IC C/L
Stearman - 28in Scale Rubber F/F
Two Tube - Don Mowrer - 28in IC C/L
Gee Bee - Bob Miller - 56in IC C/L
Stunt Student - Walt Musciano IC C/L
Brewster Buffalo - Ray Malmström - 15in Scale...
Flea Fli - Ray Malmström - 12in Rubber F/F
Mini Master - Ray Malmström - 17in Rubber F/F
Hawker Fury - 15in Scale Rubber F/F
Dream Machine - Jim Rice - 48in IC R/C
Waterman Arrowbile - 23in Scale Rubber F/F
Stuka - 50in Scale Rubber F/F
Plymate - Owen Kampen - 46in IC R/C
Skyraker - Owen Kampen - 53in IC R/C
Vought O2U-1/2 Corsair - Bill Galloway - 26in...
Simple Cub - Fred Reese - 35in Scale IC R/C

Or see here the latest 75 plan thumbnails added.


User Comments
- latest entries:

Hi Steve, Herewith a couple of pix of my Trishette [see more pics 003, 004] Cheers
Marc : Trishette : 27/03/2015

Hi Steve,again a nice little flying scale model from the Master himself... Mister Gordon Whitehead. Regards
Pascal : Druine Turbulent : 27/03/2015

It should be noted that a 4-cycle engine is the proper choice for this model. Properly fitted, this model should be added onto the must build list due to it's incredible flying characteristics.
delamite : Whimpy : 25/03/2015

I had one of these. With a Tee Dee.049, extra down thrust and a 3/16" shim under the trailing edge of the wing it was incredible, doing snap rolls in either direction, normal and inverted spins and even a grand lomcevak.
herbshallcross : Baby : 24/03/2015

I know. That's why it says: "Note this plan shows no fuselage details at all, since the kit came with the fuselage supplied ready-built."
SteveWMD : Windrifter SD100 : 23/03/2015

No Fuselage plans.
ken : Windrifter SD100 : 23/03/2015

I built one of these in 66 while on leave from the USAF. The wing was covered with silk and dope, while the rest was silkspan. Since it didn't have an engine, I painted it with spray can enamel. Maybe that's why it turned out a little...
DougSmith : Lil'T : 23/03/2015

Photo of completed All Ameican Eagle model was found online at http://stunthanger.com/smf/index.php?topic=4019.0
SteveWMD : All-American Eagle : 20/03/2015

Hi Steve, The Walthew A2 is one of my all time favourite designs. I built one in 1956 intending it as a vehicle for a pre-programmed flight control system I wanted to develop, but that idea was abandoned simply because I enjoyed the model...
TonyBrookes : Walthew A/2 Glider : 19/03/2015

Hi Steve,Looks like the model in the illustration has more dihedral than shown in the plan. Might be a good idea. The stab looks different from the plan, but that's probably not important.The plan looks like a variant on the House of Balsa...
Lincoln : Bobcat : 17/03/2015

I saw one of these fly about 60 or 61 and it was old even then, fattest model ever built. Most people think the early RC models had so much room inside because the radio gear was large. It WAS big but that wasn't the reason; the ancient...
DougSmith : Trixter Beam : 17/03/2015

Hi Steve, this plan is from the long defunct German RC Modelle Magazine... It looks like a slightly smaller Telemaster Model. A nice and simple electric flyer... Greetings Regards,
Pascal : Big Wing : 17/03/2015

...more comments



Updates - latest changes/news:

22/03/2015 : PlanID=2458 : Kawasaki Ki-61 Tony by Frank Warburton from American Modeller : Replaced this plan with a clearer copy, thanks to dfritzke.

21/03/2015 : PlanID=4725 : Douglas B-26 Invader by Dick Atkins Jr from Air Trails : Replaced this plan with a clearer copy, thanks to bernd_57.

20/03/2015 : PlanID=5981 : Cloud Dancer 120 by Fred Reese from RCMplans : Replaced this plan with a clearer copy, thanks to Balsaworkbench.

18/03/2015 : PlanID=5171 : Bearcat by Al Rabe from American Aircraft Modeler : Replaced this plan with a clearer copy, thanks to dfritzke.

18/03/2015 : PlanID=1258 : Cessna CR2 by Dave Rees : Replaced this plan with a version re-scaled to fullsize at 24in span and on a single sheet.

18/03/2015 : PlanID=6051 : Force One by Laddie Mikulasko from RCMplans : Replaced this plan with a re-scaled version that has wingspan fixed at 36.5in and then aspect ratio re-adjusted to square, thanks to DavidTerrell.

18/03/2015 : PlanID=1248 : Sporty Forty by Ken Willard from RCMplans : Replaced this plan with a clearer copy thanks to Balsaworkbench.

18/03/2015 : PlanID=6317 : Showboat by Ken Willard from RCMplans : Replaced this plan with a clearer copy thanks to Balsaworkbench.

18/03/2015 : PlanID=6007 : Rumpler Taube by Rudy Hergenrother from RCMplans : Replaced this plan with a clearer copy thanks to Balsaworkbench.

13/03/2015 : PlanID=6373 : Old Timer by Al Sievers from RCMplans : Replaced this plan with a clearer copy (400 dpi) thanks to Balsaworkbench.

13/03/2015 : PlanID=6374 : Northrop Gamma by Pres Bruning : Added printwood formers, one large single sheet, thanks to SBurling.

11/03/2015 : PlanID=1963 : Saint by MJ Richards from Aeromodeller : Replaced this plan with a clearer copy (patterned background removed) thanks to TonyP.

11/03/2015 : PlanID=5033 : Albatross from Aeroflyte : Added a sheet showing rib templates, thanks to SteveBailey.

03/03/2015 : PlanID=1350 : Q-Tee by Lee Renaud from RCMplans : Replaced this plan with a clearer copy, thanks to theshadow.

02/03/2015 : PlanID=1512 : Hawker Hurricane by Doug McHard from Flying Scale Models of WWII : Replaced this plan with a new version that fixes some distortion in the printwood formers, thanks to GuyColeman.

01/03/2015 : PlanID=3123 : U-All-2 by Woody Blanchard from Model Airplane News : Replaced this plan with a clearer scan, thanks to dfritzke.