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5 Years of Outerzone!

Since 2011 we've been collecting and sharing free vintage and old-timer plans at Outerzone. Thanks to you, there are now over 7,000 plans here for free download. We think that's pretty good going. Thank you for making Outerzone what it is. Three cheers for all of us!


We've added a new section for your thoughts, stories and photos: Viewpoint - a tribute to Don Dewey, editor of RCM and author of their Viewpoint column. This is the place for your longer articles or anything that doesn't relate directly to one particular plan. If you've something to contribute, send it to We're starting with 'My First R/C', thanks to DougSmith ...more

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Visit our sister site for free vintage books, magazines and catalogues. It's basically Outerzone, but for whole books. Latest 3 titles added:

Sterling Models Catalogue  - click to view RCLibrary page Modelář/ Modelar 1972/06 June  - click to view RCLibrary page Historia de la Aviacion en Colombia: Avianca  - click to view RCLibrary page


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Latest Plans Added 12 most recent plan thumbnails

Consolidated PB-2A - 8229Consolidated PB-2A
Scale IC C/L
50in span
Plan Details
Kwik Fli 180 - 8228Kwik Fli 180
Electric R/C
23in span
Plan Details
Push-Air - 8227Push-Air
22in span
Plan Details
Burka Trainer - 8226Burka Trainer
28in span
Plan Details
ASL Valkyrie - 8225ASL Valkyrie
Scale Electric F/F
37in span
Plan Details
Profile P-51 Mustang - 8224Profile P-51 Mustang
Scale IC R/C
26in span
Plan Details
Druine Turbulent - 8223Druine Turbulent
Scale IC R/C
60in span
Plan Details
Wiz-rod 350 - 8222Wiz-rod 350
49in span
Plan Details
Whippet - 8221Whippet
Rubber F/F
36in span
Plan Details
RCM Classic - 8220RCM Classic
58in span
Plan Details
Slingsby T49B Capstan - 8219Slingsby T49B Capstan
Scale Glider R/C
108in span
Plan Details
Northrop F-61 Black Widow - 8218Northrop F-61 Black Widow
Scale IC C/L
54in span
Plan Details


Latest Comments

Does anyone have build pics or a build thread on this plane?
Dan : Me 109 : 08/12/2016

I can confirm that a balance point of 4in back from the leading edge is what is shown on the magazine plan.
anon : Duellist MkII : 08/12/2016

Hi, Where are the wing ribs?
anon : Beech T-34 Mentor : 08/12/2016

Added a (vintage?) photo from Carlos AB [more pics 003].
Mary : Piper Tri Pacer : 07/12/2016

Here's a couple of photos of a Blue Pants I once owned. I didn't build it, but bought it from the model shop in Godalming. I fitted a Spanish ZOM 2.5cc diesel I had as it fitted the bolt spacing in the model and therefore avoided hacking...
ChrisPinn : Blue Pants : 07/12/2016

Antonio also sent us some great photos of his completed Burka Trainer [model photo & more pics 003-008].
Mary : Burka Trainer : 07/12/2016

This definitely builds into a really nice looking small field glider.I built one of these from a kit, believe it was by House of Balsa. Imade a mistake of covering it all in transparent Monokote some 30years ago. This model was designed to...
ghostler : Nomad : 07/12/2016

I think the article scan shows it as 4 inches back from the LE. But would be nice to have someone confirm that as correct. Strange it doesn't show on this plan.
SteveWMD : Duellist MkII : 07/12/2016

I can't find the distance from the wing leading edge to the CG but I can see that it was provided in the plans of the original magazine article; which, however is so dark that it can't be made out clearly! Do you have that info? Didn't...
NN : Duellist MkII : 07/12/2016

Added the missing article, thanks to Pit.
SteveWMD : Profile P-51 Mustang : 06/12/2016

Bearcat was built in June of this year 2016. I just noticed I never got around to sending you some photos of the finished airplane [more pics 003-005], however it's not power yet. I'm getting my graphics from Callie graphics in New Mexico,...
anon : Grumman F8F Bearcat : 03/12/2016

JMP also sent us a scan of the original Challenge et Bonnet plan for the CB-28 glider. This will appear as a separate plan listing on OZ soon.
Mary : CB 28 : 02/12/2016

...more comments


Latest Site Updates

08/12/2016 : PlanID=6011 : Gee Bee Zeta by Hanry Haffke from RCMplans : Added the final missing page to the article file, thanks to Gunars.

08/12/2016 : PlanID=4578 : Grumman TBM-3U by Bill Noonan from Model Airplane News : Article added, thanks to RFJ.

08/12/2016 : PlanID=3305 : DeHavilland DH-2 by Peter Neate from Model Airplane News : Article added, thanks to RFJ.

08/12/2016 : PlanID=3880 : Smoothie by Norman Standing from Model Aircraft : Replaced this plan with a cleaned-up version, thanks to TonyP.

08/12/2016 : PlanID=8063 : Invader by Gene Rogers from Flying Models : Replaced this plan with a cleaned-up version, thanks to TonyP.

07/12/2016 : PlanID=812 : Colonial Skimmer by Eric Fearnley from Model Aircraft : Article added, thanks to RFJ.

07/12/2016 : PlanID=6327 : Tipsy Nipper by James Noonan from Model Airplane News : Article added, thanks to RFJ.

05/12/2016 : PlanID=5546 : Ford Trimotor by Stu Richmond from RCMplans : Added article, thanks to Gunars.

05/12/2016 : PlanID=6759 : Fun-Tu by Bob Miller from RCMplans : Added article, thanks to Gunars.

05/12/2016 : PlanID=6514 : Encore by Hal Debolt from RCMplans : Added missing page of article, thanks to Gunars.

05/12/2016 : PlanID=8223 : Druine Turbulent by Doc Mathews from Flying Models : Article added, thanks to RFJ.

05/12/2016 : PlanID=6258 : Esprit by Van Twelves from Model Airplane News : Article added, thanks to RFJ.

05/12/2016 : PlanID=7978 : Davis DA-2A by Lloyd Hunt from Model Airplane News : Article added, thanks to RFJ.

05/12/2016 : PlanID=2668 : Witch Doctor 800 by Jim Clem from Model Airplane News : Article added, thanks to RFJ.

...more updates


Latest Plans text listing

Consolidated PB-2A - Walt Musciano - 50in Scale...
Kwik Fli 180 - Andy Kunz - 23in Electric R/C
Push-Air - Frank Ehling - 22in CO2 F/F
Burka Trainer - 28in IC C/L
ASL Valkyrie - WR Stroman - 37in Scale Electric...
Profile P-51 Mustang - Ted Strader - 26in Scale...
Druine Turbulent - Doc Mathews - 60in Scale IC...
Wiz-rod 350 - Ron St Jean - 49in IC F/F
Whippet - Ted Strader - 36in Rubber F/F
RCM Classic - HL Stroup - 58in IC R/C
Slingsby T49B Capstan - Mike Hollison - 108in...
Northrop F-61 Black Widow - 54in Scale IC C/L
Wren - Norman Rosenstock - 38in IC R/C
Druine Turbulent D31 Libelle - Franz Meier -...
Texaco Legacy - Tom Decker - 84in Electric R/C
Commando - Chris Edwards - 24in IC F/F
PBY Catalina - Paul Palanek - 47in Scale IC C/L
Profile Silvaire - Ted Strader - 34in IC F/F
Vantage - JR Vanderbeek - 28in IC C/L
Sweet Stick 40 - Pete Frankenthal - 53in IC R/C
Stampe SV4C - Thierry Bachelier - 13in Scale...
Bell YFM-1 Airacuda - David Haught - 34in Scale...
B-25 Mitchell - Florian Piorkowski - 52in Scale...
Thirteen - John Ritner - 52in IC C/L
Fuji FA180 Aero Subaru - CJ Murfett - 74in...
South Wind 10 - Ted Strader - 41in IC R/C
Pedro - Stan Yeo - 50in Glider R/C
Burka II - 32in Glider F/F
Sprite - Tony Mellor - 39in IC R/C
Diamond Slim - Ted Strader Rubber F/F
Gee Bee Z Sportster - Keith Laumer - 18in IC...
Olympic Mk VI - Bob Gialdini - 53in IC C/L
Focke-Wulf 190 - Don McGovern - 26in Scale IC...
Vagabond - Bill Winter - 72in IC F/F
Rambler - Jack Luck - 61in IC F/F
Skyraider AD-6 - Franz Meier - 75in Scale IC...
Douglas DC-3 - 76in Scale IC C/L
384E - Peter Russell - 32in Electric R/C
Whipsaw - 31in IC C/L
Pelago - Terry Melleney - 64in IC R/C
Tulura 5 - Karl-Heinz Denzin - 54in IC R/C
Mistral - 42in Glider F/F
Curtiss Robin - 62in Scale IC F/F R/C
Monocoupe 90A - Sid Morgan - 56in Scale IC R/C
Curtiss Robin - Gary G Witt - 41in Scale IC F/F
Beechcraft G17S Staggerwing - Walt Musciano -...
Mini-Cardinal - Chris Edwards - 24in IC F/F
Focke-Wulf A-17 Moewe - Georg Freidrich - 34in...
Helioplane - Henry Struck - 29in Scale IC...
Cessna 336 Skymaster - Dieter Schlueter - 60in...

...more plans



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